Electric device business

Total Solution
for automotive electric devices

“In this environmentally friendly world, we are leading the future of Electric Vehicles”

In conformity with the trend of eco-friendly vehicles, Kyungshin Cable commenced its new electric device business in 2018, which will lead the future of the company by operating wiring harness and various environment-friendly automotive projects. The company carries out integrated research as well as its electronics business at KiB Cluster located in Songdo, Korea, and mass produces products for prominent customers at the manufacturing bases in Changzhou, China and in Europe.

Wiring Harness

A device transmitting electronic signals to each system and individual units of automobiles like a nerve net of the human body, and an assembly of cables, and various components, which supplies electricity.

Eco-friendly automotive components

Electric device components applied to eco-friendly vehicles and high voltage battery packs.

Wiring Harness

Vehicle wiring (MAIN, FRONT, CONT, FLOOR, DOOR, ROOF, ALL) and Pack wiring

Eco-friendly automotive components

Charger parts, PRA/BDU, Cell module components, HV junction blocks

Relevant Business Establishments

KiB Cluster

  • Location Incheon, Republic of Korea
  • Function Management, Sales activities, R&D of eco-friendly parts
  • TEL +82-32-725-9100

Changzhou Kyungshin Cable

  • Location Changzhou, China
  • Function Production of eco-friendly parts
  • TEL +86-519-8518-2377

Shanghai KiB Management

  • Location Shanghai, China
  • Function Sales activities in China
  • TEL +86-186-2689-7949

Kyungshin Cable Poland

  • Location Wroclaw, Poland
  • Function Production of eco-friendly parts
  • TEL +48-885-990-580

Kyungshin Cable Europe

  • Location Smederevska Palanka, Serbia
  • Function Production of eco-friendly parts
  • TEL +381-62-8616-452

Kyungshin Cable Mexico

  • Location Durango, Mexico
  • Function Production of eco-friendly parts
  • TEL +52-618-814-5960

Kyungshin Cable International

  • Location Livonia, USA
  • Function Sales activities in North America
  • TEL +1-248-679-7578

Kyungshin Cable Türkiye

  • Location Basiskele, Türkiye
  • Function Logistics in Europe
  • TEL +90-507-818-8289