HR Principle

The Principle that we have adopted is for building an effective business organization
and providing fair evaluations and compensation, which enables the members
to achieve results and maximize their capacity.

Career Paths

Our promotion system is operated by considering various evaluation factors including personnel appraisal,
global competence and performance enhancement.

Career Paths : Staff - Assistant Manager: 5 years, Assistant Manager - Section Manager: 4 years, Section Manager - Deputy general Manager: 5 years, Deputy general Manager - General Manager: 5 years

Personnel Appraisal

On the basis of fair evaluations of an individual’s performance and talent,
we provide reasonable compensation and is used for developing the capacity of human resources and allocating them appropriately.
Personnel appraisal consists of performance evaluation in accordance with Management by Objectives (MBO) and common capacity,
leadership capacity expected of each position and job competence.

<Result evaluation based on Management by Objectives>

  • CEO
    Providing business goals and strategies based on analysis of business environment.
  • Head of Business
    Determining and providing business’s strategic goals and its direction required for achieving its business target.
  • Head of Division
    Providing divisional strategies and its main challenges.
  • Team leader
    Determining performance & strategic indicators required for achieving the team’s targets.
  • Team member
    Determining individual performance & strategic indicators with the agreed targets and carries out its tasks.