HR Development

HR Development through systematic education and training will lead
the future of Kyungshin Cable.

Introduction process for new recruits

The introduction process is designed to help new employees understand and adjust to
the company better and to assist them with setting goals for work and proceeding.

  • Management Philosophy, Vision / Core values

  • Work Rules

  • O/T for new recruits

  • Departmental OJT

  • Common Knowledge

Personnel Training Curriculum

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Position Capabilities Mandatory TRACK for each position Education for each position Common training Developing experts
Education for promoted employees (Leadership) Common tasks for each position
Executives Decision making, Group management, Business mindset, Expertise, Power of negotiations MBA Online lectures (Liberal arts, Management, Economics, Strategy) Education for executives

Organizational activation

Core values education

Common competencies

Leadership training for each position

Internal & External job training

Language programs

Team leader Decision making, Team management, Power of negotiations Organization/Performance managements, Human resources management Strategical decision making, Business mindset, Systematic thinking Education for team leader
Senior manager/Senior research engineer Change management, Coaching, Systematic thinking, Business network Empowerment skills, Diversity management Strategic planning, Business mindset, Analytical thinking
Section manager/Research engineer Analytic thinking, Coaching, Aiming at results, Building business network, Pursuing being professional, Power to promote business Business mindset, Performance management, Resource systematization, Understanding of others, Communication skills Leadership, Project management, Strategical thinking, Self-management, Presentation skills
Manager/Associate research engineer Cultivating power of teamwork, Understanding of organizations Self-leadership Strategical thinking, Basic curriculum for accounting -
New recruits Adjusting to organizations, Creativity, Etiquettes in workplace Training curriculum for new recruits