CEO Messages

Kyungshin Cable will connect
a path to meeting customers’ future value.

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Kyungshin Cable puts customers’ value and environmental value first.
We will pursue relentless R&D and make preparation in advance to enhance customers’ value.

Dear customers,
Warm greetings to you all.

Kyungshin Cable has become the nation's largest automotive cable manufacturer in Korea due to continued investments and R&D since its establishment in September 1974, and has continued to grow by expanding into industrial cable and electric vehicle market and is securing its position as a company specializing in cables and eco-friendly automotive components.

Now our vision is with the global market. Having established local subsidiaries in China, North America and Europe, Kyungshin Cable is going onto the new markets, and it is now expanding all over the world with an aim to become the global top 5.

Please stay with us and consider how we are growing into the world's leading firm as we constantly challenge the world and the future.

CEO Seung Kwan Lee