Quality Management

Quality Management Quality Response System

Kyungshin Cable adopts a high standard of quality management system which effectively responds to clients’ quality requirements ranging from the research & development of new products and manufacture, sales and distribution, and services after the sale of products.
Through repeated experiments and periodical seminars for quality improvements, the use of the system carries over into activities preventing quality failure. The entire employees will pursue quality management in conformity with customers’ requests.

Design & Development stage

  • Understanding customer requirements
  • Setting quality objectives
  • Founding plans aiming to improve past problems
  • Benchmarking competitors
  • Examining plans for assuring the quality of new products
  • Product inspection and approval on the initial samples

Mass production stage

  • Monitoring product lines
  • Evaluating and guiding contractors
  • Improving quality problems/Horizontal deployment
  • Managing customer interactions on complaints
  • Analyzing & improving customer satisfaction

Quality policies

We supply high quality products that can fulfill customer requirements and achieve customer satisfaction with competitive prices and compliance with the on-time delivery.

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Environmental policies

Kyungshin Cable recognizes the impacts of activities relating to
product development, production, sales and service on environment,
therefore we will try to protect environment and establish a pleasant working condition.

  • 01

    As environmental preservation is the fundamental duty of everyone in Kyungshin, environment will be considered as a matter of priority in all of the work.

  • 02

    Strictly complying with the relevant regulations and requirements concerning environment and enhancing its environmental education.

  • 03

    Developing environment-friendly products.

  • 04

    Maintaining environmental management transparency.

  • 05

    Strengthening corporate activities for preventing environmental pollution.

  • 06

    Enhancing the level of environment management through constant improvement activities.