Sustainability Management

Sustainability Management

Kyungshin Cable is operated by the following sustainable management system in order to create sustainable values.

2021 Kyungshin Sustainability Report

This sustainability report is the first integrated report to be published by Kyungshin Group.
This report selects 9 important issues that are crucial to the sustainability management of Kyungshin Group, and provides a clear report on our sustainability management activities and performances in 2021.
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  • Creating economic values

    Achieving sales target of annual plan
    Expanding sales volume of new products

  • Strengthening overseas business

    Increasing sales of overseas subsidiaries
    Expanding the scale of exports

  • Performing risk management

    Operating risk assessment system


  • Saving energy consumption

    Expanding energy-saving activities

  • Developing eco-friendly products

    Developing products for eco-friendly vehicles and green energy

  • Establishing greenhouse gas inventory

    Operating carbon emission monitoring system


  • Creating customer values

    Achieving quality objectives
    Enhancing technology development activities
    Achieving on-time delivery rates

  • Pursuing mutual growth and win-win partnership

    Complying with fair trade contracts
    Complying with transparent procurement procedures

  • Creating values for personnel

    Reinforcing job security and trust between labor and management
    Cultivating talents
    Satisfying internal customers

  • Performing social contribution activities

    Taking initiative in social contribution activities
    Enhancing cooperative relationship with local communities

We are incorporating recommendations on improvements in the management activities through communication and cooperation with various interested parties.