Now, Count on Kyungshin Cable Europe.

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"Now, Count on Kyungshin Cable Europe."



KSCE has finished its opening ceremony on 24 April, 2021

Operating Pack wiring and Sensing module assembly lines… began pilot production and client approval ahead  


KSCE_Aerial view.png

 Kyungshin Cable Europe, which is located in a transportation hub, Smederevska Palanka in Serbia / April, 2021.



 Kyungshin Cable Europe finished its construction project at the end of last year and is providing a spur to the preparation for operating facilities in the first half of this year.

KSCE, which has 11,603 square meters building size in 61,534 square meters of land, is comprised of two types of assembling lines, materials storage area and office.

The company began its pilot production and now it is facing client approval ahead.  



KSCE_Opening Ceremony.jpg

 Opening ceremony for Kyungshin Cable Europe on 24 April, 2021.



 On April 24, the opening ceremony for Kyungshin Cable Europe, which was attended by the executives and staff members of the company, the Korean Ambassador to Serbia and Serbian honored guests including the president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, ended in great success. And also the vice president of Kyungshin group, Seung-kwan Lee, prayed for good future by sending a video letter.


 "The construction project, which started with idea and vision, is completed through faith and patience. we'll go to a better future by power of knowledge and skills," said Director JK Seo. 



KSCE_Assembly Lines.png

 Pack wiring and Sensing module assembling lines which began its pilot production. / April, 2021


  Kyungshin Cable Europe, which is established for production of eco-friendly automotive components, is currently operating Pack wiring and Sensing module assembly lines.

The company is in preparation for mass production system through trial production after its installation of facilities and construction of production lines, and their work is ongoing in order to get client approval and deliver finished products in late May, 2021.


 "Kyungshin Cable Europe is the symbol of new beginning of eco-friendly period. In the next few decades, there may be hundreds of declining business and instead, rising stars in automotive industry. We can't predict the future, but always Kyungshin has challenged difficulties under the spirit of pioneer. We've been waiting for this tremendous change," an official said.