Songdo R&D Center

Going with the flow that environment-friendly electric vehicles are leading the future car trend,
Kyungshin Cable is also trying to deliver future values to customers by investing in the field of electric device/electronics.
At the R&D Center of Kyungshin integrated Business Cluster located in Songdo, Korea, there are tens of expert researchers
who are leading the various development projects such as electric components, and electricity·charge control modules based on
cooperation and deliver new value of automotive electric devices to automakers.

R&D Activities

Wiring Harness
  • Design and Development of Car Wiring
    • Supplying electric signals and electricity to vehicles’ internal system. Processing and combining cables, connectors and power distributing equipment, etc.
    • Designing and developing main, front, control, floor, roof, door, trunk lid, FPAS, RPAS, batteries
  • Design and Development of Pack Wiring
    • Supplying electric signals and electricity to the internal system of EV battery pack
    • Bus bar: For applying high voltage electric currents. No connection to sockets required. Easy power distribution roles and routing
      * Rigid bus bar, Flexible bus bar and Hybrid bus bar, etc.
    • Wiring: Sending electric currents and signals. Responding to various operating conditions, Control system and unit signaling
      * HV wiring, LV wiring
Eco-friendly auto parts
  • Design and Development of Charging system
    • Equipment that slowly charges vehicle batteries, which can be used at home/parking lot
    • Outlet Assy: Charging vehicle batteries using external power by matching vehicles’ inlet
    • Inlet Assy: Charging vehicle batteries using external power by matching outlet connectors
  • Design and Development of PRA/BDU
    • A box-type product that distributes main power of HV batteries to inverters and controls it
    • PRA(BDU): Circuit On/Off control (Relay), Circuit protection (Fuse), Current sensing (Sensor) functions
  • Design and Development of Cell modules
    • A cell module’s external/internal products composing LV/HV battery packs
    • Housing Assy : Cell protection and W/H (for sensing voltage/temperature) fixation
    • Busbar Frame Assy : Mechanically fastening module frames and bus bars
    • Wiring Harness Assy : Electrically connecting cell module components and communication
    • Cell Voltage Monitoring(CVM) : Monitoring cell temperature and voltage
  • Design and Development of HV junction blocks
    • A box-type product that receives main power of HV batteries and distributes the same to units requiring high voltage
    • HV Junction Block : Circuit On/Off control (Relay), Circuit protection (Fuse), Shields (AL case), Waterproof
Charge Control
  • Design and Development of ICCPD
    • Portable charging equipment for electric motor vehicles: For power supply, down and control
  • Design and Development of BMS
    • 48V Power Pack: Integrated DC/DC Converter + BMS. Bi-directional 3.5kW with 6-Phase structures.
      BMS combination applied with a DC/DC converter and safety function ASIL-D response control structure
  • Design and Development of OBC
    • Converting AC prevailing voltage into DC and charges PHEV and EV high voltage batteries
Electricity Control
  • Design and Development of BEQ
    • Battery Equalizer: Improving the life span of batteries through maintaining the voltage balance of serially connected 12V batteries.
      Possible to apply 12V electric devices to prevailing 24V system.
  • Design and Development of LDC
    • Power conversion converting high voltage battery into vehicle system voltage (Either 12V or 24V)
    • 3.5kW and 4.5kW DC to DC converter applied with phase-shift structures