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R&D Activities

Product Design / Technology Development
  • Design and Development of automotive cables
    • Designing and developing car cables in compliance with the international standards such as ISO, JASO, SAE and LV
    • Designing and developing automotive cables in accordance with various global car makers’ requirements
  • Design and Development of industrial cables
    • Designing and developing cables that can fulfill customer needs from various industries such as industries of electronic device, new renewable energy and factory automation, etc.
  • Development of new technologies and products
    • Developing the next generation cable technologies and products for the future vehicles (Eco-friendly, Autonomous driving)
      * Developing new eco-friendly products for the next generation of electric vehicle such as lightweight, HV and charging cables, etc.
      * Developing new products for autonomous driving such as Ethernet high speed data communication and ADAS sensor cables, etc.
    • Developing the next generation shielded communication, flame retardant low-toxic and portable cables in accordance with the advancement of industrial environment technology
Insulating Material Development
  • Design, compound and extrusion technology for eco-friendly HF (Halogen Free) resin mix
  • Design, compound and extrusion technology for high heat-resisting, high flexibility and high flame retardant resin mix
  • Design, compound and extrusion technology for future vehicles’ electric components insulation resin mix
  • Design, compound and extrusion technology for nano-insulation resin mix
Metallic Material Development
  • Design and thermo-mechanical treatment technology for high strength, high conduction copper and aluminum alloy
  • Compact, high lightweight, high functional shielding material selection and product modeling technology
  • Manufacture and modeling process technology for high performance carbon based complex linear elements
Researching Technologies of Analysis and Evaluation
  • Establishment of platform technologies for developing effective materials through the analysis of material components and microstructure
  • Provision of problem-solving total solution technologies to secure the robustness of products
  • Enhancement of product reliability by securing technologies available to calculate the life span of products considering the operating environment